Kuding Plus Tea: All you Need To Prevent And Alleviate Diseases


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  • Improves mental focus and memory.
  • Accelerates blood circulation and reduces blood cholesterol.
  • Reduce blood sugar and blood pressure.
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Green World Kuding Plus Tea

Kuding tea is one of the green tea that makes the famous beverage known as kuding tea. As a detoxifier and aid in cold and flu prevention and treatment, it also lessens headache and sore throat symptoms. For those who want to eat healthily and live well, Kuding Tea is a fantastic beverage.

As an added bonus, this tea features a concentration of Phase-2 enzymes that aid in the breakdown of fat cells.

Drink with antioxidants, a dark herbal flavor, and the potential to help with weight loss is Green World Kuding Plus Tea.

Kuding tea is typically used to make tea, a common beverage. It tastes like black tea but has more of a herbal flavor and encompasses many of the advantages of green tea. It also includes antioxidants and can aid in weight control. The herbal tea’s distinctive flavor comes from the herbs’ leaves.

Colds and the flu can be avoided and treated with the use of this green tea. Moreover, it detoxifies the body and lessens pain from sore throats and headaches. Moreover, it lowers blood pressure, protecting the cardiovascular system.

Try a different tea if you’re attempting to lose weight but aren’t having much luck. A regulating Tea, such as the one you can buy from us, will help you control your appetite and lose weight. It eliminates excess fat without altering how your body uses energy or responds to insulin.

Benefits Of Using Kuding Tea

  1. Stop the common cold and the flu.
  2. Reduces wind-heat-induced rhinitis, itching, redness, and pain in the eyes.
  3. Enhances healthy bowel movement and detoxifies.
  4. Enhances memory and concentration.
  5. Increases blood flow and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.
  6. Lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  7. Stop your heart and brain from deteriorating.
  8. Maintaining healthy body weight and revitalizing the skin.


Radix Panacis Quinquefolli, Ganoderma, Folium Camellia, Folium Licis Kudingchae

Suggestions for Kuding Tea

  • For many people, drinking this herb is a pleasant experience.
  • It’s perfect for anyone looking to relax or refresh themselves!
  • Recommended for those with elevated blood pressure or lipid level.
  • For those with headaches or sore throat.
  • Those who are prone to cold or flu.

Kuding Tea Preparation

  • Because of its easygoing nature, this tea is ideal for when you’re tired from work or need something light before bedtime.


  • Each box has 20 sachets that are 2.5 g each.
  • Warm up your teapot and cup with hot water first.
  • Boiling water should be added to a teapot along with 1 fresh tea bag.
  • 5 minutes should pass for the tea to become lukewarm.
  • You can make many cups of tea with the same tea bag.
  • Each bag can be utilized numerous times before its flavor is lost.
  • NOTE: You must extend the steeping time after the second brewing.
  • Drink up to three cups of tea every day before meals or on an empty stomach if you have health issues to flush out viruses and bacteria.
  • If necessary, honey and ginger can be added to provide the desired flavor.
  • Throughout the day, use 1-3 sachets.
  • The same sachet makes roughly five cups of tea or about half a liter.

Kuding Tea Side Effects and Suitability

  • Avoid drinking Kuding Tea when pregnant.
    Since kuding is a cooling herb, it shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy or nursing. The female body needs to be warm during pregnancy, but kuding has the opposite effect.

Other Kuding Tea side effects

  • People who have low blood pressure should avoid this herbal drink.
  • One should totally avoid it for one month prior to and after surgery.
  • Except for pregnant women, it is appropriate for all age groups.
  • Kuding tea should not be taken during pregnancy, if you have recently given birth, or if you are breastfeeding.
  • Consume not during menstruation.


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